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The Planet Earth and everything on it, is constructed of a combination of only 103 basic elements. Of these, about 15 are believed to have a beneficial effect on botanical organisms. These elements are generally found bound together to form compounds. Most of these are found as deposits in the earth, some are assimilated from the air, while still others are fixed by microorganisms from decomposing organic matter. These nutrient elements must be provided in the proper ratios for optimum plant utilization. Too much or too little of any of them will result in a loss of productivity. Mother Nature has come up with an elaborate and ingenious method of electrochemical checks and balances which control, combine and buffer these elements by their interactions. However, in this system many variables and compromises fall into play and rarely are soil conditions perfect. What nutrients are available? Are those nutrients in forms that the plants can assimilate? Man can alter soil conditions and components but he can never truly know what is in the soil. This is the advantage of hydroponic (water) and inert growing mediums (soil-less), total control over the nutrient solution.

The Genesis Formula
WHAT IS THE GENESIS FORMULA? The Genesis Formula is a high quality plant fertilizer formulated from pure essential elemental compounds. It is properly balanced, yet flexible in design, to be simple and easy to use for beginners and professionals alike. Beginners need only follow the simple recipes on Genesis Formula labels to achieve excellent results. The more experienced gardener will find that the Genesis Formula can be adjusted to fit the individual characteristics of their own formulas or of formulas found in publications that they wish to duplicate. Plant nutrients or fertilizers are simply a combination of basic elements that plants, through the process of photosynthesis, convert to food and energy. At various stages in their growth, plants may require more or less of these elements to achieve peak results. All four parts of The Genesis Formula include elements that are needed for strong healthy plants. The Genesis Formula is innovative in it's design and composition providing the most versatile hydroponic nutrient package on the market. The four part system allows flexibility to construct nutrient blends to meet the nutritional requirements of any crop in any stage of growth. Green Air Products has carefully balanced these basic elements so that each component provides a benefit that is unique to the system. By doing this, the possible variations in the nutrient formulations are unlimited. The labels include, along with the NPK values, actual elemental percentages after dilution, and the parts per million ( ppm ) at 1 ml per gallon. The Genesis formula is manufactured as a saturated paste concentrate which when diluted becomes a pure and easy to use liquid fertilizer, available in quarts, gallons, 2 1/2 gallon, 5 gallon, and 10 gallon bulk sizes. Also available by the pound at bulk rates for commercial applications. MOVE ON TO A BASIC DESCRIPTION OF EACH UNIQUE COMPONENT Introduction to The Genesis Formula



The Genesis Formula comes as a saturated paste concentrate. You simply add water and shake it up. This is so we can save you money. We figure you have water, so why should we ship water all over the world. The percentages shown on the bottle represent the values of the paste, we call it mush. So after you add the water these percentages change. Below you will see the real deal. These are the values after dilution. These are also the values of the pure elements, without any other ions included. Also you will see the actual PPM of each element when one millimeter (5 ml = 1 tsp) is added to a US gallon (3785 ml) of water. That's kind of nice to know even if you aren't a chemist.The Genesis Formula

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